Okay: I don’t like to say this but I have to! I have had to do some digging after promptings and found out some truths!

Friends, you don’t wanna do what you don’t know where it stems from…these challenges might seem for a good cause but really have shady roots! Go on Youtube, you’ll see…the Blasphemy Challenge is absolutely ungodly and demonic…it (& others) also inspired the ICE BUCKET challenge (even though it’s for a good cause) and most importantly I also believed it inspire the – “our” GRATITUDE CHALLENGE! Truly, my friend Sweetness Obim Giwa said “I still think we should stop playing catch ups. we should give the world something to emulate…cos we always wait for the world to do then copy…thats really sad”. those were her words and I subscribe to it!
If you search on youtube…you will see videos of how alot of young people around the globe daming their souls; out-rightly denying the God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
Friends, we are in a battle if you have not realized it…”no more rumour, there are wars going on”… for your soul, for you life…
Guard your hearts with all diligence…God will see us through.
Friends, lets stop these challenge things…lets go about the normal ways we had been potraying God on our pages before now!

I just shared briefly about this but trust God to write properly about these events and the end of age in our next issue…KEEP FAITH!!!

Never Loose sight of Jesus!!!