Welcome! You are unto a Social Network/Media Blog! this blog discusses issues regard the life a young christian person and his or her interaction with the social media in general. Great influnce have been leveled upon our lives daily from our encounter with this entity…if allowed to persist, shall we still find Christian youths in our world today?

Join me explore and discuss!

The Author, Philip [HeavenBound] Dimka often called PhiDims is a cool, calm and easygoing guy. He is a graduate of General & Applied Psychology form the Prestigious University of Jos, Nigeria; where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree and is currently prepping for MSc.

He is interested in human behavior, brain science, ICT, human capacity development, service to humanity and kingdom investment.

He currently occupies a temporary position at Brooks Consolidated Investment Ltd, Jos; while undertaking some personal projects that would soon come to lime light.

Off work, PhiDims could be found in Church with Youth Groups, teaching, singing/ worshiping; or swimming, walking, visiting or blogging online. In addition, He loves life, nature, arts, family and likes to eat Yam in any form.

Having lost both parents, he has a younger brother: Jacob Dimka whom he greatly loves!

  1. isaac says:

    I luv dis

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