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Only one source frees us from Social Media Addiction: find out!


Pst Chris Delvan Gwamna

Pst Chris Delvan Gwamna


When you mention names like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Shaquile O’Neal, look closely there could have been a Christopher among the 50 Greatest Players in the history of NBA. Sadly Christopher didn’t get to the list; truth is he didn’t even get to play in the NBA. Fast forward twenty years after, Christopher now Pastor Chris Delvan shares in his compelling sermon on the 5th of June at TWB, on how cigarette smoking took away his basket ball dream, and how drugs took away his music dream. An addiction can be fun in the immediate, but could be cost you something vital in the long run?

Chris had a noble dream as a teenager to play for the NBA, which was his ticket to live the life of his dreams, but he smoked twice as much cigarettes, as…

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Okay: I don’t like to say this but I have to! I have had to do some digging after promptings and found out some truths!

Friends, you don’t wanna do what you don’t know where it stems from…these challenges might seem for a good cause but really have shady roots! Go on Youtube, you’ll see…the Blasphemy Challenge is absolutely ungodly and demonic…it (& others) also inspired the ICE BUCKET challenge (even though it’s for a good cause) and most importantly I also believed it inspire the – “our” GRATITUDE CHALLENGE! Truly, my friend Sweetness Obim Giwa said “I still think we should stop playing catch ups. we should give the world something to emulate…cos we always wait for the world to do then copy…thats really sad”. those were her words and I subscribe to it!
If you search on youtube…you will see videos of how alot of young people around the globe daming their souls; out-rightly denying the God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
Friends, we are in a battle if you have not realized it…”no more rumour, there are wars going on”… for your soul, for you life…
Guard your hearts with all diligence…God will see us through.
Friends, lets stop these challenge things…lets go about the normal ways we had been potraying God on our pages before now!

I just shared briefly about this but trust God to write properly about these events and the end of age in our next issue…KEEP FAITH!!!

Never Loose sight of Jesus!!!

The challenge facing especially young people in his generation is the fact that we are so into the things of this life and this world that we have so little to do with the Creator of the World and life itself. In other words, we have become so worldly and less godly; that our perspective of life is narrowed to this world alone and nothing beyond. But as are “earthly relevant”, we ought to be “heavenly conscious”.
Young people today flaunt and patronize life and material possessions more than anything else. The social media/ network have been on the fore of this craze. It is with this burden that I write this piece. I have stood and seen may life literally hold firm and revolving around the social media. I saw it become an addiction- gradually taking hold of me and dictating the pace. No! It just had to be handled and it was! I had to be in control and not the other way round. This is not just a problem I once encountered, but one that is currently ravaging the core of youthful interactions across the world.
Anything that takes the fore in the life of a man, whatever seizes his moments, time and energy; whatever controls his passion, zeal and dedication becomes his god. [It is therefore pertinent to note that even Atheist have gods, contrary to their claims of “NO GOD”]. And when it is not GOD- Yahweh, then it is “anti-God”! (2Thesselonians 2.4)

Therefore, let us look at the Bible’s perspective to loving the media. Our key scriptural consideration will be 1John 2.15-17. It reads;

15 love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
16 for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father, but is of the world.
17 And the world passeth away and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

I will like to proceed thus: the Social Network/ Media are not evil, originally. In other words, the media itself is not bad. It was not created to be so; it was intended for the good of man, to advance the course of life. But he who now controls it is evil. And that is the reality we don’t wanna wake up to. That is to say, the evil one, the devil, Satan now controls the things of this world (1 Corinthians 4.4), including the entertainment industry, fashion, and our social media and social networks. I am not been “too spiritual” as some perceive it to be [I have no apologies If I am], but I am only being factual about the Times. So because Satan is now the God of this world, John warns that we must not commit our hearts in love to this world and the things in it, this is because love makes us vulnerable to the “love-object”.
The Social Network/ Media, as a lust of the flesh I.e. as seen in verse 6, could easily lead us into sin. It is an invention of the world. It is now being manipulated by the evil one for luring the hearts of young people into sin and being lost from God. The essence of this note is to bring you to that awareness. “Love not the world, neither the things of the world…” does not mean “do not use the social network or media entirely.” It must not take the whole of our time, and resources; it must dictate our lifestyle nor set the course for our existence. It should not cease our love or capture our heart. It must not lead us into sin or take God’s place in our lives.
At this point I must mention here that I think it is somewhat impossible to live in this age without interacting with either the media or social network. It will bring about serious limitations and inefficiencies in daily life. Is that to say we cannot do without the media or social networks? By no means. At least, I have known some people who are not into social networking till this day. The idea therefore, is to build our lives first on God’s Word, daily. Ecclesiastes 12.13 teaches us that the whole duty of man is to fear God and obey His commandment. This implies a Believer must first perform his duty of knowing and living by the tenets of God so as to build a healthy lifestyle on a solid foundation- before he or she is qualified to engage in interacting with the world. In other words we must first find our love and wrap it around that precious hope we have- Jesus, before ever attempting to ride life’s road! This is because according to Ephesians 5.16b, “the World is evil” and capable of corrupting any mind not insulated and rooted in the Word of God. This is a true fact! If you don’t know, let me bring this to your notice [or better still ask the agents of the dark world for first-hand info]: the devil and his agents are now working every second, using any means possible to bring believers with them into eternal condemnation! Any means possible. One sure ways in this tyms has been the social media/ networks! Watch it! The media and Social network today is filled with many evil, ills and desensitizing messages targeted against Christians in the World. We must not be ignorant of this.
So, is loving the Social network/ Media a sin? Loving the media/ Social network as we have established refers to showering it with our care, attention, time, passion and devotion- that nothing else matters to us but it. It means building our lives around it such that it dictates our decision making, conduct and behavior. This is living in bondage! For “anyone who does this, has not the love of the Father”. This means that God’s love cannot dwell within us when we have given its place to “another.” Anyone who derives satisfaction from these things will pass away with them; for these things are eternally perishable.
If this world and everything in it will pass away, why waste our time and resources on perishable things? Why not invest more in kingdom activities with eternal reward.

Excessive use of Social media: spending many hours watching movies, soap operas; MTV, Channel O, Big Brother Africa; uncontrolled use of the internet, Social networking: engaging in facebook , BBM, whatsapp, twitter, 2go, skype, etc- chatting all day…except “thou art” an Online attendant, what would a young person spend such long hours doing online? [I remember the days when we used to spend almost the whole day on 2go…ask me: how has it paid of?]
The Social Media/ Network has proved to be among the top “addiction-objects” young people battle with alongside, sexual immorality, pornography and drugs/substance abuse. Surprisingly, the social media has been associated with high rate/ increase of sexual imorality of all sorts!

To the average mediocre-mind young person out there- “what the heck is wrong with me?” but the God-chaser who wants to identify and live for Jesus and still be relevant to their World- would acknowledge these truths.
Therefore, I call for a balanced Social/ online life with our spiritual life. We must first find our life on the Solid Rock- JESUS, before interacting at depths with this World. We must maintain our lives as Christians even online, we must not change our identities online…we ought to remain Christlike even online. Needless but pertinent to say, I am an ‘Onliner’- but more a Christian; a Believer, a Worshiper and ever will be. I am more a Sinner than you; but has admitted my weakness before my Father in whom I am now made whole & perfect through Jesus. This I enjoy without regret! I have just decided- God is my addiction! That’s the only addiction that adds to a man’s life. The rest sucks to eternal death. Ask Chris Delvan, he’d tell you. So, you will ever struggle and wallow in addiction of any sort- until you admit your weakness at the foot of the Master, and there seek redress.
Therefore, let your passion first be for God (Ps69.9) & not the social media. The bottom line remains:
”whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God”. Grace be multiplied to you.

By Dimka Philip PhiDims